E4 Scholars Network

Our obective is to build a community of scholars who are committed to broadening and deepening interdisciplinary examination of predicaments and responses emerging from intersections of pressing E4 (energy, ecology, economy, and equity) challenges.

Faculty members at colleges and universities are well positioned to make substantial contributions to understanding and addressing grand societal challenges, in all three of their traditional roles in research/scholarship, teaching, and service/outreach. While there are significant barriers for individual faculty looking to make such contributions, these barriers can be lowered by bringing faculty from different disciplines and institutions together and enlarging the community of E4-cognizant scholars.

For more information about our network, please follow the links in the left navigation bar, or download our Vision Document (PDF).

If you find that you support our Aims, and concur with all of our Foundational Principles and the majority of our Working Hypotheses, please consider joining our network by contacting a member of the Organizing Committee.